Untitled (where the toll for dreaming is exacted upon awakening). [an abridged title, the first of twenty lines]

Michael Ashkin
Untitled (where the toll for dreaming is exacted daily upon awakening).
Untitled (where each new morning brings only terror of exposure).
Untitled (where even the shadows fear the sun).
Untitled (where transcendence appears as a drone sent from afar by men with thick torsos).
Untitled (where one is hunted in direct proportion to one’s remoteness).
Untitled (where each man’s solitude is another man’s due).
Untitled (where whomever is owned owns tenfold).
Untitled (where God is again sculpted from the same materials).
Untitled (where the prophet can only be a plagiarist).
Untitled (where the plagiarist is condemned in words still more debased).
Untitled (where one is castigated for pessimism still short of its object).
Untitled (where pessimism is cut down leagues before the horizon of its redemption).
Untitled (where optimism is a form used to spare language its truth).
Untitled (where each new morning exposes objects to the terror of description).
Untitled (where the clouds on the horizon fill one with the longing of centuries).
Untitled (where the land one owns lies still west of the clouds).
Untitled (where the slightest movement of one’s head suggests the scale of the not-possible).

Untitled (where the passion of the day sets as quickly as the sun).
Untitled (where each new day promises only the continuation of yesterday).
Untitled (where hiding places are many, escape only one).

Dimensions variables
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2010
Courtesy Erna Hécey Gallery
© Photo : Philippe de Gobert