At PwC, we are conscious of our responsibilities as a socially aware company and as leaders in our profession. We are equally aware of the importance of art in the functioning of every human society, as a medium of innovation, creativity and diversity, core values that we promote for many years within our company. We cherish intellectual and cultural curiosity, challenging our principles and practices contributing thus to the entrepreneurial spirit of our company. Art is an integral part and contributes to the development of this philosophy.

The crisis striking harshly economies all over the planet obviously also hits Luxembourg, the economy of which can probably be described as the most opened worldwide. Despite the crisis and the necessary squeeze it takes on our operating costs, we maintained the quasi-totality of our socially responsible activities. Amongst those appears, well-placed, our support towards the world of contemporary art of which Mudam is the standard bearer in Luxembourg and well beyond its borders. Mudam is a new museum we have been granting since its inauguration in 2006. We are proud to being able to support it in its development of the cultural offer in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. In advance, we are delighted to discover with the passing months the collections, exhibitions and projects scheduled by Enrico Lunghi and Mudam Team to whom we address our sincere congratulations and encouragements for their excellent work.

May this new year be culturally out of the ordinary, full of surprises and rich!

Didier Mouget
Managing Partner