Cargolux International Airlines

Since its early days, Cargolux has sought to support and promote, amongst others and in different ways, Luxembourg’s cultural activities. Nowadays, this support is strongly anchored in our ambitions and role the company wants to play as a good citizen.

The start of the partnership with Mudam dates back to 2004 and essentially consists in providing support by doing what we know best: flying cargo. Long distance transportation of valuable pieces of art is essential to enable exhibitions originating from all over the world to find their way to Luxembourg, just as well as the other way round. Safe and careful cargo transportation may add up to a substantial part of the budget of artistic projects, in particular if pieces of art need to be transported between continents. Our support therefore contributes to eventually tip the balance towards successful completion of such projects and constitutes an essential logistical link between Mudam and other museums around the world.

Dirk Reich
President and CEO