Macula Series B (N°9)

Tobias Putrih
Macula Series B (N°9), 2007
200 x ø 95 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2012
© photo : Tobias Putrih

Mudam’s Studio Design

Tobias Putrih (1972) was invited to create Mudam Studio, a flexible environment as a framework for an experimental pedagogy enlarged to encompass art and the museum. Constructed of modular elements more or less deployed in space according to the position of the Studio in the museum, the structure designed by Tobias Putrih aims to open up the conventional codes that establish the relationship between visitor and museum by deconstructing and reconstructing the initial positioning to initiate dialogue. Having been a nomadic space of creation, exhibitions, convivial meetings and documentary resources for 10 years (2006-2016), Mudam Studio is now installed on the first floor as a documentation centre. With its comfortable reading corner, it invites the visitor to discover more about the artists being exhibited or to consult books in the Mudam multimedia library on-site for further research, having been previously ordered online.

Mudam’s online library:

Tobias Putrih
Mudam’s Studio Design, 2006
Modular furniture
Varialble dimensions
Commission and Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Production 2006 with the support of ABP
© Photo: Aurélien Mole