Construction I – IV

Thomas Demand’s (1964) Construction is a series of photographs belonging to the Mudam Collection as a result of a special commission from the museum. The strange distance that characterizes these photographs is not limited to the interplay between before and after, or between past and present, for it seems to truly live in the picture.

Indeed, the object of the photograph is not the real space itself, but a reconstitution. For the sole purpose of taking photos, Thomas Demand, a skilled sculptor, builds paper and cardboard models based on pictures that were carefully chosen and studied. Bereft of all human presence and heavily loaded with context and meaning, these pictures pertain to a virtual world that is bizarrely created through purely material means.

Thomas Demand 

Construction I – IV, 2007

A set of 4 photographs C-print / diasec

Commission and Collection Mudam Luxembourg

Acquisition 2006

© Photo: Rémi Villaggi


Mudam Guest House 07
13/10/2007 - 26/11/2007