Vertigen de la Vida (Dizziness of Life)

Many Spoken Words

This surprising union of used materials, Many Spoken Words, (2009) by Luxembourgish artist Su-Mei Tse (1973), sets off a multitude of associations. Forming from a basin, dark black ink gushes forth from a garden fountain of baroque inspiration and, as the artist remarks, “expresses the idea of the whole process of language: the way an initial thought or idea develops first into spoken, and then into written words” (Su-Mei Tse). Through this work, as much visual as it is sonorous, the artist pays homage to literature, evoking the infinite potential of words and the eternal renewing of creation. The multiple and incessant drops of Many Spoken Words make the fluidity of the spirit, words, and creativity perceptible, and leave indelible traces.

Many Spoken Words

Su-Mei Tse
In collaboration with Jean-Lou Majerus
Many Spoken Words, 2009 (détail)
Ink, stone and cast
220 x Ø 450 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2009
© Photo: Andrés Lejona, 2009

Air Conditioned

In 2003, it is once again a young artist as yet unknown to the general public who is chosen to represent the Grand Duchy at the Venice Biennale. Su-Mei Tse presents two films, an anechoic chamber, sculptures and a neon. The exhibition is titled Air Conditioned. In the June of a heat wave that beats all record temperatures, this title is especially apt... The exhibition is very appropriate and very refreshing: the artist creates a dense and poetic visual journey and plunges the Luxembourg pavilion into an atmosphere in which music, sounds and silence interact in a singular way and where time seems to flow to a different rhythm. Thanks to this work, Luxembourg is awarded the Golden Lion for best national participation, the most prestigious award at the Biennale. The surprise is all the greater given that only ‘great nations’ had been awarded it previously and it is the first time (and the only time to date) that the prize has been awarded to a pavilion located outside the Giardini. The progress made since the 1988 entry is enormous. This reflects the evolution of the Luxembourg society during the same period: the opening up to Europe and the development of a world-class financial centre coincide with the need for Luxembourg's artists to no longer measure themselves in purely local terms. Su-Mei Tse has since exhibited in many of the most prestigious museums worldwide.

Les balayeurs du désert

Su-Mei Tse
Les balayeurs du désert, 2003
Video projection, sound
5 min 30 s
Production and Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2003
© Su-Mei Tse


Su-Mei Tse
L’écho, 2003
Video colour projection, sound
5 min 30 s
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2003
© Su-Mei Tse

(E:R) conditionné

Su-Mei Tse
(E:R)  conditionné, 2003
16 x 23 x 100 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Pavillon of Luxembourg, Biennale of Venise, 2003
Lion d’Or of the best national participation
Acquisition 2004
© Photo: Cameraphoto Arte, Venezia

Currently at Mudam

The artwork Many Spoken Words by Su-Mei Tse is permanently on show at Mudam.


Atelier Luxembourg - The Venice Biennale Projects 1988-2011 
French / English. 156 pages. DVD : 115'
ISBN 978-2-919923-10-6. 20 €


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