Paolo Nozolino’s (1955) black and white photographs are characterised by coarse-grained and high-contrasts. For almost 30 years he has travelled with his small Leica M camera, mainly to the Middle-East, Asia and Europe. His often melancholy and semi-dark views of the loneliness of cities and landscapes reflect a frightening and grey world which Nozolino himself often feels to be oppressive. His photographic perception of the incidental enables him to go beyond the first impression and the exterior appearance and to give his scenes a pessimistic density. “I walk over the rubbish in Cairo and see the elegance, I look at the walls of Auschwitz and touch what is holy, I look into a showcases in Vienna and clearly see the whole meaninglessness”.

Paulo Nozolino

Casal Ventoso

Paulo Nozolino
Casal Ventoso, 1996
9 photographs black and white
Chlorobromide silver on aluminium
60 x 90 cm each
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2008
© Photo: Paulo Nozolino

Portugal Agora
À propos des lieux d’origine

16/12/2007 - 07/04/2008