Grayson Perry (1960) explores a very personal universe, which expresses itself in his works through countless autobiographical references and details. Perry enjoys diversifying artistic techniques, associating arts with crafts. Perry’s preferred technique is that of ceramics, with which he creates impressive and finely decorated vases. An observant approach is required to appreciate the technical complexity of these works and the humour of the imagery they feature. Perry’s representational method, termed “guerrilla tactic” by none other than himself, plays with effects of surprise and irritation. The variety in form featured in his creations invalidates numerous typical judgements, both moral and aesthetic, and calls them into question with a disarming insolence. While Perry’s work – depicting an eccentric and often chaotic universe – flushes out many obsolete ideals and is oblivious to society’s codes, it remains faithful to several values, above all tolerance.

It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood, 2000
54 x Ø 33 cm

Revenge of the Alison Girls

Revenge of the Alison Girls, 2000
65 x Ø 26 cm
View of the exhibition Grayson Perry: My Civilisation, Mudam Luxembourg, 19/06/2008 – 22/09/2008

Grayson Perry
Glazed ceramic
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2000
© Photos: Andrés Lejona

Shrine to the Unknown Artist

Grayson Perry
Shrine to the Unknown Artist, 2001
Project for the pavillon of the Mudam (unrealized)
Pencil, coloured pencil and ink on paper
Commission and Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2001
© Photos: Rémi Villaggi

Grayson Perry: My Civilisation
19/06/2008 – 22/09/2008


D'Vasen vum Grayson Perry aus der Mudam Sammlung an der Emissioun .art op RTL.

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