Bojan Šarčević (1974), a Bosnian artist born in Belgrade, is interested in the phenomena of reminiscence and cultural displacements which, in his work, take the shape of clues and allusions. 

Only after Dark / Untitled (film 5)

The fifth film from the Only after Dark (2007) series, a real visual and acoustic still life, projected in a neo-constructivist structure which is an integral part of the piece, is similar in its simplicity to a Japanese haiku. Heterogeneous, organic and geometric elements are the actors in a no-action narration, creating a film miniature, in which the artist indirectly and elegantly ponders the modernist language.

Bojan Šarčević
Only after Dark / Untitled (film 5), 2007
16 mm film, 2 min 15 s
Pavillon, 320 x 550 x 400 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Donation KBL European Private Bankers
© Photos: Andrés Lejona

Vitrine (film 3)

Bojan Šarčević
Vitrine (film 3),
Copper, wood, Perspex®, paper and glass
187 x 125 x 80 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Donation 2010 - KBL European Private Bankers
© Photo: Stuart Shave/Modern Art