09/07/2015 - 17/01/2016
Vernissage 08/07/2015 18h00

The product of an ambitious partnership with the Musée des Arts et Métiers, the exhibition Eppur si muove (And yet it turns) focuses on the many links that exist between the fields of the visual arts and technology, as well as the decisive influence that the history of the sciences and technology has exercised on contemporary artists.

Fac-similé du pendule de Léon Foucault, 2015. Réalisation et installation : Jean-Luc Chazoule, Klaus Lorenz Laiton, Musée des arts et métiers - Cnam, Paris. Sophie Krier en collaboration avec Franck Debouté : Table pour le pendule de Léon Foucault, 2015. Commande et production Mudam Luxembourg © Photo : Rémi Villaggi Metz / Mudam Luxembourg

Filling all the Mudam Luxembourg’s exhibitions spaces, and in a spirit of dialogue, it brings together some seventy pieces dating from between the eighteenth century to the present day from the collections of the prestigious museum in Paris and more than 130 works by artists who, through the questions that they engage with, the experiences they offer, and the manner of production and collaboration they employ, embrace the themes that have run through the domains of technology and science for several centuries.

Opening with a representation of the emblematic pendulum built by Léon Foucault – “he first to physically demonstrate the spinning movement of the Earth”, in the words of artist Piotr Kowalski – the exhibition is structured in three sections: “Measuring the World”, “Matter Revealed”, and “Inventions Applied”, each occupying a floor of the museum in several theme-based rooms. Questions tackled vary from celestial mechanics, descriptive geometry, the measurement of time and space, observation of the infinitely large and infinitely small, light, sound and electromagnetic waves, tools, energy, and cybernetics: each a facet of a world that man has always attempted to understand and mould.

By means of the dialogue that it stimulates, the exhibition Eppur si muove - Art et technique, un espace partagé also reassesses the dynamics common to both domains, which are often artificially distanced from one another. Freed of the conception of art being autonomous, the works bear out the importance to the creative process of technical and scientific research, collaboration, experimentation, and instrumentation. In parallel and aside from their undeniable physical beauty, the technical objects from the Musée des Arts et Métiers embody the dimension of intuition and creativity that goes hand-in-hand with all scientific research. This unique exhibition thus draws the contours of a “shared space” between artists and engineers, artists and scientists – a place where unique yet complementary gazes on the contemporary world intersect.

Châssis d’automobile 12 CV en coupe, 1907, De Dion-Bouton, Paris, Musée des arts et métiers - Cnam © Photo : Rémi Villaggi, Metz / Mudam Luxembourg
Damián Ortega, Miracolo Italiano, 2005, Collection Teixeira de Freitas, Dépôt 2006 Fundação Serralves – Museum de Arte Contemporânea, Porto © Serralves Foundation – Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto / Photo : Rémi Villaggi Metz / Mudam Luxembourg


A Mudam Luxembourg publication brings together hitherto unpublished essays by, among others, Marie-Sophie Corcy, Patricia Falguières, Arnaud Dejeammes, Vincent Crapon and Christophe Gallois, as well as a major section devoted to the exhibition with background descriptions and visuals of the works on view.


La question de la recherche dans les domaines scientifiques, techniques et artistiques
15 – 17 octobre 2015

The exhibition will be the subject of an international symposium to be held from 15 to17 October 2015 at the Mudam. Titled “Fabrique des sciences – Fabrique des arts”, it will be chaired by Patricia Falguières, professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, and is being organised in collaboration with the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers – Lorraine, the École supérieure d’Art de Lorraine, the Université de Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), with the support of the Fonds National de la Recherche, Luxembourg.


The SNT research department (Interdisciplinary Centre for ICT Security, Reliability and Trust) of the Université de Luxembourg is currently working on an ambitious mediation project for a 21st century museum, initiated by the researcher Patrice Caire, which consists in “robotically” supporting the Mudam’s Publics Department. Developed over three years, this programme will& in due course consist in enabling robots to welcome and interact with museum visitors. The project’s first phase will be unveiled at the exhibition.

CoRobots © Photo: Patrice Caire

CoRobots is a project of the Interdisciplinary Center for ICT Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) in collaboration with the ville de Luxembourg.


Permanence: Wednesday to Friday 2pm - 6pm
Shows: 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm and 5.30pm

Guido le robot guide

The artist Paul Granjon is developing the “Guido, le robot guide” project in partnership with the Alliance ARTEM Nancy which, for the occasion, has set up a workshop for 17 students from the École nationale supérieure d’art de Nancy, Mines Nancy and the ICN Business School Nancy- Metz. 

Paul Granjon, Guido le robot guide, 2015 © Photo : Rémi Villaggi Metz / Mudam Luxembourg

Including an artist, researchers and art, engineering and business students, this project is planning the design, construction and programming of a centaur robot called Guido. Throughout the exhibition, Guido will introduce the public to his “ancestors” on view, such as Jean Tinguely’s monumental installation Fatamorgana, Méta-Harmonie IV and Job, the electronic fox, which comes from the collection of the Musée des Arts et Métiers. Guido will not just organize a visit, he will also communicate verbally with the public.

Created by Paul Granjon with Artem Alliance (École Nationale Supérieur d’Art de Nancy, ICN Business School Nancy-Metz, Mines Nancy) and Laboratoire Loria (CNRS Université de Lorraine-INRIA), under the leadership of Patrick Hénaff. Production Mudam, Fondation Mines Nancy, Artem Entreprises, Le Grand Nancy, LORIA

Sponsored by KPMG Luxembourg

Visite guidées robotique (in French): Sundays at 2pm.


Tecnificio – Make Art with Science

Through the eyes of a maker, Make Art With Science creates a connection between art and science. Produced with the help of a digital manufacturing technology for low-tech materials, a set of three interactive installations will be exhibited at the Mudam Luxembourg.

The first concept is Pendulum, showing the curves of an oscillating motion through different techniques (3D printed pendulum with ink). The second is titled Optics and represents different optical phenomena. Circuit, the third concept, for its part illustrates the principle of information transmission.

This project is being produced by Tecnificio in collaboration with Sharazad, Lino’s Type (Verona) and Diego Quetti (Politecnico of Milan).

Demonstrations: Sat-Sun, 11am-6pm

Jean Tinguely, Fatamorgana, Méta-Harmonie IV, 1985, Collection Museum Tinguely, Bâle © ADAGP, Paris, 2015 / Jean Tinguely / Musée Tinguely, Bâle / Photo : Rémi Villaggi Metz / Mudam Luxembourg

Marie-Noëlle Farcy, Christophe Gallois, Enrico Lunghi, Clément Minighetti (Mudam)
Marie-Sophie Corcy (Musée des arts et métiers)

Associate curators
Vincent Crapon (Mudam)
Lionel Dufaux, Cyrille Foasso (Musée des arts et métiers)

With the contribution of
Isabelle Astic, Anne-Laure Carré (Musée des arts et métiers)

Exhibition under the High Patronage of
Xavier Bettel, Premier ministre

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Partners of the exhibition:
Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg
Fondation Loo & Lou, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg
CFL - Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois

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