The artists’ market is an opportunity to bring together various people creating contemporary objects in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. An annual meeting and appraisal of the creative work all around us.

New and novel objects, limited editions, craftsmen’s know-how and diversified creativity at affordable prices, are the themes of this market held in the unusual setting of a museum.

Marché des créateurs 2011
This year, Régis-R, “The Prince of Plastic”, will have pride of place with a major installation of appropriated plastic items, creating new everyday objects. Régis-R will also be running a workshop devoted to plastic “recycling”, inviting the public to imagine new functions emerging from bottles, cans, colanders and the like…


3bornART, Anatoli, Baudrimont-Le Sonn, Beatrix Li-Chin Loos – Chut ! Collections, Bikini, Boudouboudou, ©cile, Esad Reims, Fräulein Prusselise, Géraldine Husson, Gingerlove, Hong and Friends, Jailbird – Défijob, Justine Demas, Lea Schroeder, Leon Rose Magma,, Les M, Luxcupcakes, Marie Berte, Marie Pedersen, Mellem, Michael Guerisse O’Leary, Poko Design, Régis-R, Thomas Pausz, Valérie Laroche

Free entry. Diversion on Sunday 29 May 2011

do it youRself
Workshop avec Régis-R: Prince of Plastic
28/05 & 29/05/2011 1pm-5pm


The semi-annual rendezvous of the Marché des créateurs at Mudam, is an occasion that brings together designers working with different techniques in various disciplines (product design, fashion design, textile design, illustration, jewellery, publishing etc.), and encourages encounters between innovatory creators and the general public.