Within the framework of her research programme on Bachelor Machines, that will be the subject of an exhibition at the Lieu Unique in Nantes in 2016, Collection Morel, the research programme on the imaginary by Marie-Pierre Bonniol, also behind the Agency Julie Tippex, offers four music and sound programs related to machines, be they mechanical, analogue, digital, or literary.

07.10 – Playlist > Collection Morel invites Jean-Jacques Palix (sound artiste, co-founder of Radio Nova)
14.10 – Playlist > Collection Morel invites Pierre Bastien
21.10 – Playlist > Collection Morel invites Rabih Beaini (aka Morphosis, head of the Morphine label)
28.10 – Playlist > Collection Morel invites Etienne Jaumet

In collaboration with:
Julie Tippex

In this context, the artist Pierre Bastien's “Silent Motors” performance is scheduled the 18.10.2015 at Mudam Auditorium.

Free entry

Les machines célibataires © Pierre Bastien


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