Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Su-Mei Tse

The three works gathered in the Sculpture Garden were created by the artists Richard Deacon (*1949), Tony Cragg (*1949) and Su-Mei Tse (*1973). They all belong to the Mudam Collection and enable people to discover various ways to approach working in volume.

The first two artists stay faithful to the visual language of the New English Sculpture from the 1980s and share the same taste concerning the experimentation around the materials. Richard Deacon enjoys manipulating forms. To create Eight, he subjected the wood, in its raw state, to a twisting movement that doesn’t conceal the creative process: nuts and bolts underline the process of formal construction that the English artist undertook. 

Richard Deacon, Eight, 1997
Hêtre courbé à la vapeur, 185 x 390 x 140 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Apport FOCUNA. Acquisition 1998
© Photo : Rémi Villaggi

The perforations in Cragg’s Forminifera resemble the calcified skeletons of micro-organisms. They bear witness to the artist’s curiosity about natural forms (animal, mineral and vegetable), but also his desire to visualise the intensity of matter.

Tony Cragg, Forminifera, 1994
Plâtre et acier, 13 éléments en plâtre, tréteaux et supports en fer
225 × 480 × 400 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Apport Focuna, Acquisition 1996
© Photo : Aurélien Mole / Mudam Luxembourg
Vue de l’exposition Tony Cragg, Mudam Luxembourg, 11.02.2017 – 03.09.2017

Finally, Many Spoken Words, by Su-Mei Tse, takes up the classic vocabulary of monumental sculpture. Dripping from a bowl, black ink gushes from a garden fountain of baroque inspiration, as we often see on squares or in public gardens. Through this visual as well as sound sculpture, the artist from Luxembourg pays tribute to literature, evoking the potential of words and the eternal renewal of creation.

Su-Mei Tse, in collaboration with Jean-Lou Majerus, Many Spoken Words, 2009
Ink, stone and cast, 220 x ø 450 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg, Acquisition 2009
© Photo: Andrés Lejona