Since 2010, the Design City Luxembourg Biennale , a collaboration between Mudam and the City of Luxembourg, has become part of the Luxembourg landscape.

Dedicated to the issue of design in public space and its integration into daily life, Design City Luxembourg is a laboratory of ideas, a promotional tool and an experimentation platform through the participation of designers in the development of the city.

Design City Luxembourg, a small biennial having all of a big one

The growing success of this biennial builds on the already fertile ground of creative young people spread throughout Europe to study and returning to Luxembourg with a wealth of knowledge, drawing on their experience and expertise. They thus contribute to seeing the city in another way than solely through the prism of European institutions and banks.

These creatives were able to regroup and get organised to promote not only the "best pratices" in their profession, but also thinking and programming in terms of design.

Thus, the association "Design Luxembourg" active since 1995 and a member of BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations) since 2003, supports, informs and advises design professionals and the association "Design Friends" offers an international programme of lectures, exhibitions and screenings.

With the publication DEE Magazine "Design Friends" has constituted a real repository of all design activity in Luxembourg, which may be found in outlets exhibiting the latest cuttingedge collection editions whose windows mark the cosmopolitan expansion of the city of Luxembourg.

In 2015, Luxembourg in Paris

This collective work lead Luxembourg to shine beyond its borders. Latest example to date: the cooperation with D’Days, Festival du Design in Paris from 1st to 7th June 2015 . Several "Luxembourg" experiments are being shown and D’Days will be invited to the 2016 edition of the Design City Luxembourg Biennale.

A major installation from Design City 2014 is thus reproduced as a model at the Carreau du Temple: the OVERSHOOT swing by Parisian architects’ collective "Encore Heureux" who knew how to delight the Kinnekswiss visitors in Luxembourg City.

The Carreau du Temple, the meeting place of the Parisian festival, also welcomes the "In Progress" Luxembourg collective. On the basis of their In Progress exhibition. Innovating through design , these ten very eclectic creatives, offer a series of workshops to the public. This new generation of creators aims to face the challenge of creating responsible, sustainable and sociable products and is developing a series of constantly changing projects.

The film White sheep, black dream, by the duo Maurice and Paula, co-produced by Mudam, will be screened at the Museum of Decorative Arts as part of the programme "Regards croisés", in partnership with the Côté court festival.

"Design for Europe" appoints its Ambassador in Luxembourg

As a result of a collective work on creative industries and particularly thanks to the quality of our active local forces, the European Commission via EDIP (European Design Innovation Platform), popularly known as Design for Europe chose the initiator of the Design City Luxembourg Biennale, Anna Loporcaro (Mudam) as Ambassador.

In this role, Anna Loporcaro will promote the messages and production of Design for Europe in the region providing a local voice. She will also help to integrate some Luxembourg content into the project - such as innovation through design case studies - to integrate it into the web portal of Design for Europe. The young curator thus joins the Ambassadors of Design for Europe currently appointed in each of the 28 EU Member States.

About “Design for Europe”

Design for Europe is the public name of the “European Design Innovation Platform” (EDIP) of the European Commission. The three-year program aims to promote the use of design for innovation and growth across Europe.

Since January 2014, Design for Europe has been developing the action plan of the Commission for innovation through design, with three main areas of involvement:


  • Promote understanding of the impact of design innovation;
  • Promote design driven innovation in industries in order to strengthen European competitiveness;
  • Promote the adoption of design to develop public sector renewal.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission and led by the Design Council with the support of a consortium of 13 partners.

Design is not art (?) Design City Luxembourg 2016

In collaboration with Mudam and the City of Luxembourg, Design City will present, from 27th April to 22nd May 2016 , under the general theme Design is not Art (?), different views of the functions of design, culture and art in our "ultra connected" society and will devise bridges between different creative disciplines.

For the occasion, a site-specific installation will be created in the station district, a space chosen for new urban concepts in a zone of the city of Luxembourg undergoing change.

Not forgetting the "Cercle Cité" which will exhibit the work of young Luxembourg designers and "Luxinnovation", (the national agency for innovation and research), a partner since 2010, which will contribute with a presentation on innovative materials.

Projet In Progress © Water Hackers

Support and thanks:

Luxembourg thanks the D'Days organisers for their welcome as part of the 2015 edition of their Festival and all partners and supporters: Design City Luxembourg, City of Luxembourg, Mission culturelle du Luxembourg en France/Ministère de la culture, Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes, Ministère de l’Économie, FOCUNA, Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre, Fondation Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, BIL, Prefalux, Luxinnovation, Maison Moderne, Cercle Cité, Design Friends, Design Luxembourg, Carré Rotondes, Technoport, LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture… and all merchants who have participated in and supported the various editions of Design City Luxembourg since 2010.