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Mudam Boutique is a museum store unlike any other. While stocking selection of contemporary art literature, Mudam publications and postcards, the shop’s key feature is its outstanding selection of handpicked objects, ranging from original items and gifts to design pieces that cater to each and every taste. The Boutique’s Design Corner is dedicated to creations by young artists and changes on a quarterly basis. It also showcases the work of young local designers. 

Luxembourg Corner

Luxembourg Corner

Nicole Hansen. Hootli
11.01.2017 – 01.05.2017

After years spent in various functions of the fashion sector and having gained extensive knowledge of knitting and crocheting, in 2012 Nicole Hansen began creating the first caps for her new Hootli brand which enjoyed great success in Luxembourg, quickly crossing the limits of the small country. Inspired by current fashion trends as well as her passion for winter sports, Nicole Hansen creates a collection each year that consists of caps for children and adults.

Marché des créateurs – Summer Hits 2017


01.07 + 02.07.2017

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