17/03/2018 - 06/01/2019
Susumu Shingu, Wind Caravan, 2000
Courtesy Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger
View of the installation in the Park Dräi Eechelen, Mudam Luxembourg, 2018
© Susumu Shingu

Susumu Shingu’s Wind Caravan is a nomadic work of high technological precision, which has travelled the planet for over twenty years, crossing deserts and plains. It has been presented in Japan, in Brazil, in Mongolia and in Morocco. Since March 17, 2018, the group of 21 wind-driven sculptures are deployed around the museum and establish a dialogue between the architecture of Ieoh Ming Pei and the Park Dräi Eechelen. Particularly attentive to the way in which his artworks interact in a tangible way with the environment that hosts them, Susumu Shingu's sculptures come alive with the slightest movement of air.

Susumu Shingu . Spaceship

The exhibition Susumu Shingu . Spaceship opens on May 17, 2018.

Curators: Marie-Noëlle Farcy et Clément Minighetti


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