12/07/2012 - 27/08/2012
Vernissage 11/07/2012 18h00

An art museum is generally seen as a place where things are on view. Artworks are contemplated, linked to the visitors. In a museum, you have to be calm and silent, not touching anything. Food consumption is forbidden, noises and smells remain outside. However, this summer all senses are welcome at Mudam.

Sensorium is a project by a French design duo known as Les M and the sensorial environment they are creating at Mudam puts our sensations to the test.

Les M are Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel. Since completing their studies at the School of Fine Arts in Rennes in 2007, they have undertaken joint projects, observing our daily habits and little rituals and questioning our sensorial perceptions. Their productions, developed over a long period of time, provoke interaction and often contain surprises, calling on both the well-being and the imagination of their users.

For Sensorium, Les M have carefully chosen materials with surfaces and textures asking to be touched. Visitors are also invited to participate in a series of events and workshops, each devoted to one of the five senses. Céline Merhand, Anaïs Morel and other guests present sensual experiences and sensorial surprises that enrich the sixth sense of artistic pleasure.

© Photos : Andrés Lejona

Nadine Erpelding
Valérie Tholl


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