03/03/2018 - 16/09/2018
Vernissage 02/03/2018 18h00

By freely moving from one medium to another, by using diverse materials, the Portuguese artist João Penalva creates artworks that usually combine language and image, and develops poetic fictions that leave much room for interpretation. They come both in the form of artworks of an intimate character and large staged installations in which painting, photography and documents, text and sound, writing and memory, combine to create visual tales. These plunge the viewer into a world that oscillates between reality and fantasy, in which the tenuous line that separates them is not always distinguishable. Through a meticulous composition, specific to each of his exhibitions, Penalva tells a story that is itself loaded with multiple scenarios and whose narrative and visual structure uses figures approaching the ellipse or the asyndetic in order to create a rhythm that gives the artworks the operating power of the fable.

João Penalva, From Store C-7, 2008, Collection privée, Düsseldorf, Courtesy Gallerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin © Photo : Mathias Schormann

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