Mudammini is the program for the little friends of Mudam

Why become a member?
Mudamini membership is free. You will receive your membership card, be invited to the Mudamini opening event and will be able to participate in our workshops. Just fill out and send us the form.

3-5 year-olds

Once upon a time...
Fairy tales for children, illustrated by art works on show. Visits take place during the school breaks.

Upcoming visits

6-12 year-olds

Guided tours for children in English on request:

Mudam GO!

After this tour full of activities and riddles, contemporary art is no mystery to you anymore! As a booklet or as little cards, Mudam GO! is developed for each exhibition and allows you and your parents to learn more about the art works on show.

© Photo: Mudam Luxembourg

Mudamini Guides

During the school holidays you can become a Mudam tour guide! Discover the exhibitions with us, learn about the artworks and their meaning and receive your guide diploma. You can then guide your parents and friends through the museum all by yourself.

In English and French
In Luxembourgish and German

Mudamini Workshops

Mudam offers every month a new workshop in the context of the exhibition on show (a lot of dates to chose from). From the initial idea to the finished art work, you’ll discover the work of an artist by hands-on experience. These workshops allow you to understand artistic creation and discover different techniques. 7€

Agenda of the workshops



To be informed about our activities for children: Mudamini newsletter

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