The educational program revolves around the museum’s exhibitions and collection: guided tours, lectures, workshops, small publications or school projects. The aim of the “Mudam Publics” department is to open contemporary creation to a large public.

The educational programme is being put together by Mudam Publics in collaboration with partners who are passionate about art history and transmitting it. 

Various spaces of the museum serve this purpose:

Mudam Pavillon

The Mudam Pavilion, known as “The Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Pavilion” since the opening of the museum, is a space dedicated to various educational activities and open to the general public at all times, serving as a venue for workshops, family and school activities, performances or meetings

The pavilion is also host to commissions to designers for specific purposes:

Patchwork is a collection of furniture by Julien Carretero, which is mobile and adjustable to different activities.
Eindhoven based duo Toer created Cumulus, a Tyvek® cloud, blowing up when the suns comes out in order to create a protection under the glass canopy.
The wooden platform Decks by Konstantin Grcic and Nitzan Cohen, invites visitors to either sit down in or use it to participate in the Wall-to-wall activity initiated by a different artist every few months.

© Photo: Aurélien Mole

Mudam Studio

Conceived by Tobias Putrih, the documentation centre, or Mudam Studio, is set on the first floor with a cozy reading corner. It invites visitors to learn more about the artists on show and to reserve online books for research.

Mudam’s online library

Tobias Putrih
Mudam’s Studio Design, 2006
Commission and Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Production 2006 with the support of ABP
© Photo: Aurélien Mole

Mudam Auditorium

Mudam Auditorium is an exhibition space (used for screening audio-visual works of art that are part of the current exhibition), but also a meeting place while hosting specific events like lectures on art, design, etc., or special screenings.

© Photo: Aurélien Mole


The Medialab was conceived, for Mudam, by Konstantin Grcic and Nitzan Cohen. This original installation with multiple screens, is used to show, in turn, artists' interviews and various other educational projects.

Konstantin Grcic & Nitzan Cohen
Installation Space/-1, 2006
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
With the support of ABP
© Photo: Jessica Theis, Blue Box Design, 2009

Artists’ Talks

Interviews with artists exhibiting at Mudam.


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