For his summer project at Mudam - Looks Like Music - Yuri Suzuki presents his sound installation Colour Chaser. Within this framework the this versatile designer will also share his sound researches and various influences with the public.

31/07/2013 LIVE!
07/08/2013 Playlist
14/08/2013 PAVAN LIVE! invited by Yuri Suzuki
Scandinavian synthetic funk called skweee, aiming at squeezing the most out of vintage synthesizers, will take over with PAVAN, producer of the first skweee album (“Punt kick”) and founder of the record label Flogsta Danshall.
21/08/2013 Playlist
28/08/2013 Playlist

© Photo : Rima Musa / Design Museum


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Looks Like Music is an installation by Yuri Suzuki centered around his sound piece Colour Chaser: a miniature robot that detects and follows a black line while reading crossing coloured lines and translating this data into sound. Visitors are free to draw on paper and simultaneously compose music, thus creating a large scale picture and a sound piece at the same time.