My Mudam is a biannual rendez-vous consisting in several events in connection with the opening of thematic exhibitions of the Mudam Collection. A new mural work at the Mudam Boutique, and its edition of silk-screen prints, the creation of a cocktail to be sampled between 7pm and 8pm at the Mudam Café and, above all, a brand new tour among works from the collection, to be discovered on the first floor, are all part of My Mudam.

Les Détours de l'abstraction . Collection Mudam
Mudam Level +1
Guided tours of the exhibition
LU 18h30 30', FR 19h15 30'

Mudam Boutique

Mik Muhlen shows us a melting pot of his influences based on digital art, typeface, street art, subcultures, music, history of art, old cameras, the finer arts of drinking too much coffee and mexican wrestling culture.
Silk-screen print by Mudam Boutique

Live performance
Mudam Café

The Vincent Thekal / Laurent Melnyk Duo will perform a jazz and experimental music crossover.

My Mudam Drink
Mudam Café
One special acid coloured and amazingly flavoured drink for free.

Bruno Peinado : Good Studd, The Pleasure Principle, 2010, Collection Mudam Luxembourg, Production Casino Luxembourg © photo : Roman Mensing. Vues de l’exposition Bruno Peinado CASINO INCAOS : Baroque Courtoisie, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain, 25/09/2010 - 09/01/2011


My Mudam takes place twice a year and combines various events: the inauguration of a mural work at Mudam Boutique, musical performances, as well as a tour of the works from the Mudam Collection.

Free entry


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